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Solar Eclipse Nov. 25, 2011 in Astrological Images

Nov. 25, 2011 Eclipse
Eclipse from NZ. Credit: Mike Nicholson Source:

Sorry, I won’t be offering any interpretation or predictions. :-)  Just some images and notes.

There was a partial solar eclipse last night.  It was visible across Antarctica, and in New Zealand near sunset.  More about the visibility and astronomy of the eclipse can be found on Wikipedia.

Chart from D.C.

November 2011 Solar Eclipse DC (ctrl+click to enlarge)

Eclipse is in the sign and bound of Jupiter, at night, with Jupiter as first triplicity ruler of the eclipse.  Mercury and Venus in the sign of the eclipse.  In DC, Mars is in the 1st, rules the bound of the Ascendant, is the participating triplicity ruler of the 1st, has the Moon applying to it, is in sect, in a good place, and overcome by Jupiter by trine.  Mars also rules the bound of the MC.  Mercury is domicile and exaltation lord of the 1st, scrutinizes the Ascendant, is in the 4th, is in phasis, conjunct the IC, in 2nd station (just stationed retrograde), in its own term, in sect, assembled with Venus and the eclipse (Sun and Moon), dominated by Mars, and overcome by Saturn.  Mercury also rules the 10th and is the 1st triplicity ruler of the 10th.

Eclipse Path Map

November 2011 Solar Eclipse Map
November 2011 Solar Eclipse Path Map