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Just a quickie!  I found this awesome article by Chris Brennan, one of the foremost experts on Hellenistic astrology, on the definition of astrology.

It has some interesting insights into how mainstream definitions, and especially skeptic definitions, of astrology tend to characterize astrology as necessitating a belief that there is some sort of causal force emitted by planets that accounts for a set of astrological “effects”.  He shows how most ancient and even modern astrologers tended and do tend to view astrology in terms of correlation and signification rather than in terms of causation and physical forces.

It’s a great article with great insights!

Personally, astrology to me is no more or less mysterious than the mind-body problem, and is no closer to a real solution.  I actually view the mind-body problem and the celestials-signs problem as not only being parallel, but probably the very same problem.  Some have claimed to have bridged it, in both areas, but I think they are on very shaky ground.  There is no necessary and logical reason that a certain physical electrical configuration through the brain should cause or even correlate with the non-physical thought about say, your investments or Barney the purple dinosaur, even though sure enough some physical happening will correlate with that thought at that moment.

This could make for a great discussion in the comments.



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