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Today is the birthday of Mr. John Allen Hendrix, aka Jimi Hendrix.  I’m a big fan, particularly of his final album, Electric Ladyland.  I’ll be doing the normal very brief profession analysis below, and I’ll also add a couple notes about character in the concluding synthesis.


Profession or Calling

Here, I apply a special technique for delineating profession, or perhaps more accurately, skills development, which originated in the Hellenistic period of astrology with developments, modifications, and interpretation by many various Hellenistic and Persian astrologers.  The reader is referred to the brief outline of the technique which can be found here, “Astrology of Profession or Calling | 1. Technique“, in order to better understand my delineation process and the general significance I assign to the various planets.

Jimi Hendrix

A brief biography for Jimi Hendrix can be found on Wikipedia, and his chart is given a Rodden Rating of AA for accuracy on Astro-Databank. His chart is pictured below (CTRL+click to open an expanded version in a new tab).

Jimi Hendrix's Natal Chart
Jimi Hendrix’s Natal Chart

Jimi Hendrix Occupation Analysis in Brief

First, identify the planets with some pertinence to “actions”:

  1. MC: There is no planet strongly advancing toward the MC.
  2. Places: Venus, the Sun, and Mercury are in the 1st, and Saturn is in the 7th.  The Moon and Jupiter are less relevant in the 8th.
  3. Rulership: Mercury rules the 10th and is in the 1st.  Venus rules the sign and bound of the MC, and is the 1st triplicity ruler of the 10th, and is in the 1st.
  4. Phasis and the Lights: No planets in phasis.  Mercury and Venus are assembled with the Sun.  Jupiter is assembled with the Moon.  The Moon is separating from Jupiter and applying to Mercury.

“Testimony” Conclusion: Mercury and Venus have the most relevance to actions, and are together so are particularly important in terms of combined signification. The Moon, the Sun, and Jupiter has some lesser relevance.

Secondly, identify the planets that are strongest in a general way in the chart, as they push their natural significations onto the life in a strong way:

  1. Advancing/Retreating: There are no planets strongly advancing, however, Jupiter and the Moon are advancing with the greatest strength.  Mars is advancing to a lesser extent and the rest of the planets are retreating.
  2. Relationships to Lights: No planets in phasis.  Mercury and Venus are assembled with the Sun.  Jupiter is assembled with the Moon. The Moon is separating from Jupiter and applying to Mercury.
  3. Stationing: No planetary stations.

“Strength” Conclusion: Jupiter is the strongest planet.  The Moon is also very strong.  Mercury and Venus are of about equal strength, being prominent in characterizing the individual and career due to position in the 1st and pertinence to the 10th and the Lights.

Synthesis of Occupation for Jimi Hendrix

As in Trent Reznor’s chart, we see that Mercury and Venus pertain most strongly to development along the lines of profession, and they are strongly tied together.  As mentioned in that post, this combines the intricacy, intellect, and wind/verbalization features of Mercury with the artistry of Venus.  It is common for music, a profession pertaining to artistry in sound waves (wind), but particularly with singing (air, verbalization), as well as composition/arrangement of songs (as well as production – basically the thought-oriented and engineering aspects of things).

In relation to Venus as significator of mastery, al-Qabisi noted, “And she signifies the mastery of all sounds, like music and the rest” (Dykes, 2010, p. 254).  In discussion of Venus with Mercury as significators of mastery, al-Qabisi noted, “And if Mercury is complected to her, it signifies the sound which is used in the composition of verses” (Dykes, 2010, p. 255).

Modern Day Apollo

Venus and Mercury are on either sides of the Sun, both conjunct the Sun within 3 degrees and under its beams.  When it comes to music, the Sun is most associated with stringed instruments, as the Sun god Apollo’s most prominent symbol is the lyre.  Here we find a symbolism of Mercury and Venus, intellect, verbalization, beauty, and artistry, joined with and outshone by the powerful dynamic Sun god and his lyre.  In discussion of Venus with the Sun as significators of mastery, al-Qabisi noted, “And if the Sun is complected to her, it signifies the sound of wood [Dykes footnote: “Ar.: ‘the lute.'”] by which one plays in the presence of kings and nobles” (Dykes, 2010, p. 255).

Jupiter and Character

Interestingly, this cluster of Venus, Mercury, and the publicizing Sun, in the 1st House of the self, are in the sign and bound of Jupiter, which is possibly the strongest planet in the chart overall in a general way.  Jupiter is also the planet most relevant to character as: 1. It rules the 1st (Lords of the 1st are commonly used for character as ruler of the 1st of self, for instance by Masha-allah and Abu’Ali al-Khayyat); 2. It’s the ruler and bound ruler of Mercury (Mercury and its Lords are used for character by Masha’allah, Abu’Ali al-Khayyat, among others, and Mercury signifies the rational mind to Ptolemy).  3. Jupiter is the ruler and bound ruler of the sect light, the Sun (the sect light has a prominent powerful influence in the life, particularly when in a personal place like the 1st, and is colored by rulers, including the bound ruler).  4. It’s assembled with, and the exaltation ruler, of the Moon (the Moon signifies the irrational mind and the body to Ptolemy).  5. It’s generally a strong and pervasive planet, being advancing more than any other planet and being conjunct the Moon, and in Jupiter’s own exaltation and bound (many approaches to character, including that of Abu Bakr, tend to put a stress on the impact of prominent planets on character).  We actually have an adjective in English to best describe the character of a Jupiterian person; “jovial”, which literally means, “of Jupiter”, and denotes one who is jolly and cheerful.  Jupiter tends to pertain strongly to spiritual faith and experiences that step out of the bounds of reason and law, such as expansive spiritual experience (including from psychedelic drugs), as well as synchronicity and luck that often defies logical explanation.

As to Jupiter as ruler of the chart, being the primary indicator of character, Julius Firmicus Maternus (4th Century CE) noted (Bram, 1972, p. 139):

9. JUPITER. Those who have Jupiter as ruler of the chart are always trustworthy, of high spirit, and are impelled toward great deeds.  They spend more than their resources or their inheritance allows.  Commanding in all their acts, noble, famous, honorable, lovers of luxury, cheerful, desiring to please in every way, large eaters, faithful friends, they are simple and friendly to all; successful and accustomed to do everything well.

10. Their body is of middle size but well-formed, handsome, and they are light-complexioned.  Of beautiful eyes and head, with long flowing hair; firm of step.  Their life will be glorious and filled with good fortune and they attain their desires.  Their activities turn out well, and they are protected by the influence of great men […] Their illnesses come from stomach trouble, from wine and from indigestion; death comes from high living, hemorrhoids, or sexual intercourse.



Ma’shar, A., & Al-Qabisi. (2010). Introductions to Traditional Astrology. (B. N. Dykes, Trans.). Minneapolis, MN: The Cazimi Press.

Maternus, J. F. (1972). Mathesis: A fourth-century astrological treatise. (J. R. Bram, Trans.). NY, NY: New York University.

Credit for Featured Image:
Jimi Hendrix – One by MadeInKobaia, retrieved from MadeInKobaia’s DeviantArt page.


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