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Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey was born on June 21, 1985 at 2:46 am in New York City (chart is A rated for accuracy – note since the time this article was originally published the rating has changed to C, though this is incorrect as the time was quoted from Lana Del Rey herself which makes it properly an A-rated source). She was born with Venus rising, in Taurus. Also, the Moon was in Leo and the Sun was in Gemini. In this quick look at her chart, I’ll examine career indications and character. I will not be providing a biography or deep analysis of her life. You can find a bio on Wikipedia.

Natal Chart

Lana Del Rey’s natal chart is picture below with the twelfth-part positions around the outside of the wheel.

Lana Del Rey - Natal Chart with Twelfth-Parts

Lana Del Rey – Natal Chart with Twelfth-Parts


Venus as Planet of Actions

Venus is conjunct the Ascendant in Taurus within a degree! This is one of the most striking features of her chart. You may recall from a past article on the career significator that Mercury, Venus, and Mars are the most significant planets for career.  In this case, only Venus is in one of the places noted in that technique. Mercury and Mars are both in the 3rd place, Cancer, the house of the Moon.

Venus is the most prominent planet in the chart, being in the 1st house and strongly advancing. Additionally, Venus is the domicile and triplicity ruler of the 1st house. Therefore, there is a strong identification with matters that Venus symbolizes (the arts, aesthetics, sexuality). Venus is clearly the career significator, signifying an artistic pursuit.

The Role of Mercury

Mercury is in phasis as Mercury departed from the beams of the Sun within 7 days of her birth. This is a form of prominence for Mercury. Also, Mercury rules the bound of the Ascendant (13TAU), so there is an identification with Mercury. Additionally, Mercury is a triplicity ruler of the 10th house, Mercury is in its own bound, Mercury is in the house of the sect light (the Moon), and it is the domicile ruler of the Sun. All of this indicates that Mercury is prominent.

Mercury is in a tight aspect (under 3 degrees) with Venus. Therefore, these two planets have a strong relationship with each other in the chart. This extends to the role of Venus in relation to career. Mercury-Venus combinations with Venus dominant can signify musical careers. Venus is more prominent and is behind Mercury in the aspect so is more dominant in the relationship. The Venus-Mercury combination can also indicate singing as Mercury signifies vocalization.

Lana Del Rey - Natal Chart with Twelfth-Parts

The Promise of the Directed Jupiter

Jupiter, Saturn, and the Moon are all in stakes of the chart, so can also be significant in relation to the career. Jupiter is particularly significant as it is in the 10th place. The 10th place is the most pertinent place for career-matters. Jupiter also closely dominates Venus with its tight right-hand square, and rules Venus by bound.

In relation to Venus and the career, Jupiter promises a fortunate event to be timed to when it culminates at the MC by primary directions (click here for a summary of how to use primary directions).

Jupiter culminated at the MC by primary directions in 2007.

lana del ray - primary direction of jupiter

It was in 2007 that Lana Del Rey signed her first record contract.


Mercury and the rulers of the Ascendant are typically the most important planets to examine in relation to the personality. Someone who is famous may use a “stage persona” that is more linked with planets pertaining to the career shown by the lights. The Sun and Moon signify things put more prominently on public display.

In Lana Del Rey’s case, Venus and Mercury are the most important planets for indications concerning career as well as personality. There is a lot of overlap between herself and her stage persona. While she has described her persona as a sort of “gangster Nancy Sinatra”, which implies some theatrics, she has also discussed how autobiographical her music has been.

Lana Del Rey - Natal Chart with Twelfth-Parts

Mercury with Mars in the 3rd House

There is a notable dark side to most of her music, especially in the lyrics. Mercury is with Mars in the 3rd house, Cancer. Mercury with Mars puts that “gangster” edge of violence and crassness to her lyrics, set amidst the lunar Cancerian backdrop of emotional nurture, subjectivity, and dreamy sentimentality.

Saturnine Love

Additionally, her Venus is opposite Saturn, signifying the strong association of her image with coldness, control, darkness, sorrow, and even depravity.  Saturn is in the 7th, the place of partnership and marriage and Venus is also the natural significator of partnership and marriage. Therefore, we see the heavy sorrow of Saturn expressed in terms of relationships, through both Saturn’s place (the 7th) and Saturn’s opposition to Venus.

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    • April 9, 2018 at 4:46 pm

      A “C” rating means caution because there’s no source. an “A” rating means the source is a quote from the person. It was quoted from Lana Del Rey and there is a screen shot of her discussing the time. It was A-rated on Astrodatabank at the time that I published the article.

      Recently they’ve changed ratings from this particular source (the guy who runs Astrotheme) because he’s had bad sourcing at various times in the past. I have no reason to doubt the screenshot which he obtained regarding that correspondence with Del Rey in this instance. That’s a whole lot of hassle to manufacture a screenshot for a fake birth time, especially considering that there’s usually just no birth time on Astrotheme for celebrities. Is he personally invested in her having Taurus rising or something?

      It is similar to the birth time of James Randi, in which they rate it C because they don’t know whether to trust him (James Randi, as he is a known skeptic). That should also be rated A as it is a quote from the individual. It should be noted that it’s a quote from him and that he is a skeptic, but that doesn’t change the source type.

      A screenshot of an online encounter with a celebrity is better than most of the “quoted” birth time A ratings on Astrodatabank, which amount to, this guy claims to have been told this time at such and such public event.


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