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Sometimes astrological symbolism is simply too vivid to keep it to yourself and friends. Today, through social media posts by astrologers Naomi Bennett and David Cochrane, I learned that Kevin Hart had an accident at the time of some very vivid malefic transits. The transits to the natal chart include transiting Saturn opposed to Hart’s Sun and a transiting Sun-Mars conjunct Hart’s Saturn on his Ascendant, repeat vivid indications pertaining to potential harm.

As astrologers we read signs, a practice that is understandably met with considerable skepticism. Therefore, it is our duty to regularly show the public how such signs reflect real world circumstances to such a magnitude and vividness as to betray “chance” as a reasonable explanation. This event in the life of Kevin Hart is one of those astrological circumstances that should be widely known.

The Accident

Yesterday morning, in Calabasas, California, actor/comedian Kevin Hart was involved in a car accident. He was a passenger in his own car when his driver lost control of the car and it tumbled down an embankment. Hart suffered some major back injuries.

Kevin Hart’s birth data is from a birth certificate (i.e. Rodden-rating of AA). I’ve taken a brief look at his natal chart before, but in the context of the charts of comedians.

Kevin Hart twelfth-parts
Kevin Hart’s Birth Chart with twelfth-parts (outside wheel)

The time of the accident was reported as about 12:45 am by the news media.

Kevin Hart Car Accident – 12:45 am 09/01/2019 Calabasas, CA.

Below I show his natal chart with the transits around it, with some significant configurations highlighted. We’ll come back to these configurations after first exploring why they signify an important even of this type. Note that transits alone are superficial, showing activations of things that must be indicated in the natal chart and activated by (i.e. picked out by) time lords.

Kevin Hart Car Accident Transits Around Natal Chart

Annual Profection: Capricorn, Saturn, and More Saturn

Hart was born on July 6, 1979. Therefore, he was 40 years old at the time of the accident. Every multiple of 12 is a profection back to the first house, so the Ascendant profected to the 5th house for that year. Therefore, the sign activated by the profection is Capricorn (its glyph is highlighted in the chart above), ruled by Saturn. Saturn is lord of the year, and Saturn was also transiting in Capricorn, the sign of the year, at the time of the solar return (see below) and at the time of the accident. In other words, the most important events in the year will involve Saturn.

In the natal chart, Saturn is not in bad shape. It is in sect and in the 1st house. Hardship and obstacles (Saturn) show a positive effect on character (1st house). However, there is also danger, particularly pertaining to the body, as Saturn is in the 1st house on the Ascendant (self, body) and is dominated by Mars (violence, accidents). Therefore, the dangers of Saturn pertain mainly to its relationship with Mars, as well as the fact that Saturn connects the 6th place of accidents (Aquarius, ruled by Saturn) with the 1st place, that of the body (Virgo). Additionally, Mars opposes the natal Moon, another indication of potential significations of bodily harm from Mars.

Solar Return: Saturn Opposite Sun, Mars-Mercury Conjunction

The solar return for the year has Saturn retrograde at 17 Capricorn. It is not only confirming the central importance of Saturn but it is applying an opposition to Hart’s natal Sun (13 Cancer). The Sun in Hart’s chart is the sect light (i.e. he was born during the day) and is very strong in the 11th house. The sect light is a powerful factor in the chart and some of its significations pertain to health. Therefore, we see an indication of Saturn (loss, hardship) impacting health and vitality (Sun) through opposition (obstruction, conflict).

Additionally, the chart has Mercury in return in Leo (12th house) conjunct solar return Mars. Mercury signifies transportation, the 12th house can signify hidden dangers, and Mars signifies violence and accidents. Therefore, this configuration shows potential hidden threats pertaining to transportation accidents.

Additionally, the Moon is conjoining natal Saturn in the 1st house. The Moon can signify the body, as can the 1st house, so this is a double indication of the body impacted by Saturn. The 1st house is Virgo, ruled by Mercury, and the Moon is in Mercury’s bound. Therefore, Mercury (planet of transportation) also figures prominently in this configuration.

Kevin Hart Age 40 Solar Return as Transits

Distributions: Mercury Distributor Aspected by Mercury

The distributor is another very important time lord in Hellenistic astrology. It pertains to the bound lord of the directed Ascendant (by primary directions) and the aspects to the directed Ascendant.

The distributor for the period (since late 2014) has been Mercury as the Ascendant has been directing through the Mercury bound of Libra. Additionally, the closest aspect to the directed Ascendant was from Mercury at the time of the accident. Therefore, the distributor put an emphasis on Mercury (communication and transportation) for major events of the period.

Kevin Hart Distributors

Monthly Profection: Aquarius, 6th House, Saturn

As the accident occurred less than 2 months following the birthday, the monthly profection, which moves one sign per month, had only shifted one sign. The monthly profection was to Aquarius, also ruled by Saturn. Therefore, Saturn was lord of the year and lord of the month.  The 6th house suitably pertains to accidents and illnesses.

Transits: Saturn, Mars, and Mercury

We’ve seen that Saturn is a highlighted planet for important events during this period. There was also a spotlight put on Mercury from primary directions. It was noted that these factors are not so negative in themselves in the natal chart but with certain activations, particularly those involving Mars, danger can be shown. The solar return connected that danger to transportation (Mars-Mercury in XII) and reinforced the notion that Saturn signifies a danger to health in that year (Saturn opposed to Sun).


Kevin Hart Car Accident Transits Around Natal Chart

The transits are now even more vivid than just on the face of it. It happened when Saturn’s opposition to Hart’s Sun was very close¬† (within half a degree and applying). This was reinforced by a partile (in the same degree; 8 Virgo) Sun-Mars conjunction which happened to be on Hart’s Ascendant (7 Virgo) and his natal Saturn (9 Virgo), while with transiting Mercury (5 Virgo). The transiting Moon in LIbra was applying to natal Mars and transiting Saturn (the Moon applies to the next planet it will aspect within about a day’s travel, 13 degrees). The accident happened with Gemini rising (the sign occupied by Hart’s Mars and ruled by Mercury).

The Lunar Nodes

The lunar nodes have an interesting relationship with Saturn in the natal chart. Hart was born with Saturn conjunct the North Node rising. At the time of the accident the North Node was transiting conjunct his Sun while the South Node was conjunct transiting Saturn, opposed to his Sun. Therefore, the Node-Saturn configuration of the birth chart plays out in the occurrence of the nodes over Saturn’s opposition to his Sun.


Much more could be said about these charts and the timing but I’ll conclude there with the factors I think are the most vivid.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that Kevin Hart should hide indoors or avoid transportation every time his Saturn is activated. Rather, I am saying that this event was symbolized astrologically in a systematic and rich fashion with repeat indications and multiple layers of meaning.

It wasn’t just an activation or a transit that had a chance correspondence with the events. We see a complex indication rooted subtly in the birth chart. However, it required repeated vivid reinforcement through various time lord systems, the solar return, and finally the transits. The sky indicated these types of circumstances will occur with specific factors as the main means of timing. And this for a chance random circumstance outside of the individual’s control.

Featured Image (cropped) is by Memorial Student Center Texas A&M University [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons



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4 thoughts on “The Vividly Timed Car Accident of Kevin Hart

  • September 9, 2019 at 7:19 pm

    Great article, as always! Kinda scary how so many factors lined up… Pretty hard to dismiss it all as just a coincidence once you actually analyze it from an astrological perspective.

    By the way, may I wonder when the 8th lesson for beginners will be published? I’m not really a beginner anymore but I loved this series. That’s also how I discovered your blog!

    • September 10, 2019 at 6:30 am

      Thanks Richard!

      I started the 8th lesson in December, thinking I’d have it done in spring. Then I thought I could wrap it up in summer. Here we are in September and I’ve already decided to split it into multiple parts and the first part is still becoming massive (and difficult to finish). This first part of the 8th lesson is the most important thing I’ve written about astrology. It has also been one of the most difficult articles to write. The ideas have crystalized in my head, notes, and drafts of a number of sections, so now it is more of an issue of time. Let’s says it will be finished on the autumnal equinox because a deadline will push me harder.

      Best wishes,


  • September 4, 2019 at 4:27 pm

    Great article and spooky how even the angles of the accident chart were so precise, considering how quickly primary motion moves through the zodiac. Out of curiosity I calculated his Lot of Affliction (which of course includes injury and illness) and found that it was at 5 Gemini, right on his MC and Mars and ruled by Mercury! So, everything above that mentions Mars and Mercury will also drag in the Lot of Affliction. In a day chart this is Asc+Mars-Saturn, reverse by night.

    • September 4, 2019 at 4:39 pm

      Good catch! Yeah, the Lot of Affliction is a very seriously important factor that is easy to overlook. For those unfamiliar with it, please check out my article on it here.

      Mercury was at 5 Virgo at the time of the accident so the accident saw transiting Mercury in partile square to the natal Lot of Affliction.

      Best wishes,



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