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The singer Whitney Houston recently passed.  Glancing briefly at some of the predictive factors leading up to her death I’ve found that there was a strong emphasis on Saturn, both natal and transiting, as Saturn transited through her 8th, occupied natally by Mars.  There was also a highlighting of transiting Mars in her 7th by monthly profection.  I give a very brief look at her natal chart, last solar return, last lunar return, and transits of the day of death below.

Planetary Years: Sun & Saturn

Whitney Houston's Natal Chart
Whitney Houston’s Natal Chart

A popular technique among Hellenistic and Persian astrologers for timing involved the use of the planetary years and their combinations (and sometimes also divisions) for signifying times when natal planets and combinations particularly become expressed.

Whitney was 48 1/2 at the time of death, and one of the more interesting combinations due at about that age is the combination of the Sun (19) and Saturn (30), at age 49.  It is interesting given Whitney’s Sun-Saturn opposition across the health and loss oriented 6th and 12th houses. Sun-Saturn is particularly significant of death, as Saturn, the natural significator of death and general lack and coldness is opposing the Sun, natural significator of vital powers and the heart.

Whitney Houston’s natal chart is pictured, and is Rodden-rated AA for accuracy.  Information about her death tends to be updated regularly in her Wikipedia entry.

Monthly Profection and Transiting Mars

As she had turned 48 at her last solar return, and 48 is a multiple of 12, Whitney was in a 1st Place, Pisces, annual profection, and all points in the chart profect back to their natal positions.  Jupiter is the lord of the year and is a planet with a particularly broad range of signification in the natal chart from benefic to malefic, as Jupiter is naturally of a very benefic nature, particularly in connection with money, and is here in the house of money, as well as self and career (Jupiter rules 1st and 10th), but Jupiter is also in a dark place (2nd), out of sect (it’s a night birth), overcome by Saturn which is in the 12th and out of sect, and opposed by Mars in the 8th (which also opposes the Moon, significator of the body).

The monthly profection of the Ascendant for the month of death (Feb. 9th to March 9th) is her 7th Place, Virgo, ruled by and occupied by natal Mercury (side note:  her natal Mercury is also conjunct her natal modern planetoid Pluto within a degree).  The reader interested in a primer on annual and monthly profections of the Ascendant can find one in a previous blog post.  The 7th place, the place of the setting Sun, was one of a few places associated with death in ancient astrology (though less so than the 8th).  Of the 7th, Manilius (1st Century CE) said, “…wonder not if it is called the portal of somber Pluto and keeps control over the end of life and death’s firm-bolted door. Here dies even the very light of day, which the ground beneath steals away from the world and locks up captive in the dungeon of night” (Manilius, Astronomica, Book 2, 951-954, Goold trans., p. 157-159).

Interestingly, she (symbolized by the profecting Ascendant) was entering the House (7th) occupied by transiting Mars (20 Virgo – see death transits below) at the time, and Mars is her natal occupant of her 8th House of death.  The monthly profection is congruent with the significations that the month beginning Feb. 9th may bring her into contact with danger that associates readily with death.

Last Solar Return: 8th House Saturn Rising


Whitney Houston 2011 Solar Return
Whitney Houston 2011 Solar Return

While I find considerable significance in both precessed and non-precessed solar returns in my own practice. Here, I use Houston’s regular, non-precessed, solar return. Her final return is striking, with Saturn, natural significator of death, conjunct the Ascendant, significator of self, within less than 3 degrees in her natal 8th House (house of death), Libra (and dominated by Mars in Cancer). Note: I do not relocate solar returns – I find that non-relocated return charts give the strongest significations.

Also note that Jupiter, lord of the year, is placed in the solar return 8th house.

Last Lunar Return: 8th House Saturn Rising

Whitney’s final lunar return took place on January 28th, 2012, and is pictured.

Houston's Final Lunar Return
Houston’s Final Lunar Return

Her final lunar return echoed the solar return with Saturn in Libra rising once again, strongly advancing toward the return Ascendant within 6 degrees.

In this case, Saturn was additionally in the bound of Mars, natal occupant of the 8th of death.  Saturn also opposes the Moon, significator of the body, and opposes Jupiter (lord of the year) out of sign but within 3 degrees and thus considered “scrutinizing” within the Hellenistic aspect doctrine, with Jupiter again in the 8th of the return.

Death Transits: The Moon Arrives, Saturn in Focus

On the day of her death in Beverly Hills in the early afternoon of Feb. 11, 2012, the Moon was transiting through Libra, Whitney Houston’s 8th House pertaining to death, occupied by natal malefic Mars, and transiting malefic Saturn.

Transits to Houston's Natal at Time of Death
Transits to Houston’s Natal at Time of Death

In addition to the transiting Moon’s co-presence with natal Mars and transiting Saturn, natal Saturn is also in focus by the Sun’s transit through Aquarius and recent conjunction with natal Saturn, still fresh within 3 degrees of orb at the time of Whitney’s death.


Manilius, M. (1977). Astronomica. (G. P. Goold, Trans.). Cambridge, MA: Loeb Classical Library.


Blogger interested in all things astrological, especially Hellenistic, medieval, Uranian, and asteroid astrology.

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  • February 18, 2012 at 4:01 am

    Hi Anthony,

    Yes, I agree. This technique is not simple to grasp. I came to the conclusion that it is viable. We must create a procedure corresponding to our intuition. My procedure I described in several articles. Unfortunately, in my native language. My knowledge of English is only passive. Writing makes me problems. Level of translators ensures today understand the text. The address is here:

    under the title: Fragmenty astrologie

    My opinion of other predictive technique – primary direction, I will bring to the page.
    I am very interested in. Module PD in the program Morinus is partially my job.

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  • February 17, 2012 at 8:01 am

    If we use only the aspects of the orbis. We can go back to Jupiter. He gives 3/5 of his middle years = 27,3r. Trinus Sun adds + 19r + 69,5m. Month as hyleg is neutral.
    Saturn removes months the middle years – 43,5m. Total : 27,3r + 19r +69,5m -43,5m = 48r 5m 18d. Whitney Houston lived 48r 6m 2d.

  • February 16, 2012 at 7:53 pm

    Hi Anthony,

    Thank you for mentioning the Valens profections and how they relate to the revolution and the Fortune Houses. I will be getting Chris Brennan’s materials on profections and zodiacal releasing within a few weeks.

    The topic of death is indeed extremely very tricky, but first of all we need to stop and think about the magnitude of what we are actually doing. Is there another physically substantive way other than Astrology that can reliably show when and how one will die and that can be taught? There is not, simply because of all the occult sciences only Astrology uses both mathematics and divine knowledge. Actually it does not even matter whether there is another way or not and, even leaving aside the prediction of death for a moment, what matters is that being able to forecast the future is a tremendously powerful thing and certainly therefore not for everybody to have access to! So why would the ancient authors give their most carefully guarded secrets away? Abu Mashar says that a sage who writes all the he knows is like an empty vessel. My point is that we have so many gaps in our knowledge and all the more so about the difficult topics. So as our knowledge is incomplete so will our judgements. That is the only reason why I keep buying books, just to find a few more valuable sentences that I have not found before in other books, that is all I hope, otherwise I know that they all repeat 95% the same things. (Ben Dykes’translated Persian nativities books 1 and 2 do have such information about the length of life and particularly on prioritizing between competing planets) I think that you definitely need to decide for yourself whether the moment and manner of death is predetermined before you seriously move into predicting it and all the metaphysical implications of this. I know that it is and I knew that before I moved into Astrology. Yes, Zoller’s version is incomplete, but it is not plain wrong, it is just that no method works 100% as he says. Any method is incomplete. I myself am working on a method and I have people who want to know when they will die. From what I have gathered, there are 3 major methods, at least that I know of: Valens, Ptolemy and the Medieval. Until they are integrated, we have far to go. I have deeply dug into the Medieval method only so far and unless there are very strong indications for death in a chart I would be somewhat reluctant to predict death without the use of the Kadukhudhah (which Ptolemy does not use). Yes, the Medieval rules do not work in the chart of Bruce Lee, yet his death is definitely seen in the chart, which I have deeply studied (see the Moon Firdaria and the killing planet, which is Mars, and its sextile is directed to the significator Asc, Ptolemy key, zodiacal, on July 20 1973, with 7.11.32 am time of birth, moved 28 seconds, among other things). The rules also do not work for the Kurt Cobain. However, the Ptolemy method works great for Kurt Cobain.

    So there are obviously charts that behave and others that do not. One of the things I have discovered is that when we have a Luminary that is in its sign or exaltation and in a House which is allowed for a Hilaj, these are charts that do not behave most of the time. In fact I would go to say that I am not comfortable with assigning years, all the more so if this Luminary is not aspected by any of its rulers and supposedly has to be both Hilaj and Kadukhudhah.
    The chart of Whitney Houston works, as I showed you. In fact it really behaves. What I also immediately noticed is that in her chart all the planets are in the Houses of their signs, that is, it makes no difference whether you cast the chart in quadrant or Whole Sign Houses. I prefer quadrant (Alchabitius), but use both. This is significant because it is rare. So the chart behaves, as I like to say, in regards to Houses as well which is very positive, whereas I have charts of clients and people I know where if you cast the charts in quadrant all the planets will be in different House compared to if you cast them in Whole Sign Houses, and I do not live in a place with a high latitude. The same for Kadukhudhah. In fact, a woman that is a friend of a friend of mine died 3 weeks ago and in her chart there are 3 possible Kadukhudhahs and they both give the same number of years (without counting the months, as it is rare for the Arc of Life to give accuracy within months). So we have no way of knowing 100% which one it was and there are reasons to go with 2 of them.

    P.S. Some time soon I will look at the charts that do not behave of the other people that you mentioned and especially that of Ted Turner as he is still alive.

    Best Wishes and I will see you in some other of your posts after I read them,

    • February 17, 2012 at 4:56 am

      Dear Antony and Alex,

      I think, that alcocoden does not determine the life span. He sets life potential.
      The potential need not be used. That is the difference.
      Hyleg is Moon. It can also be a Pars Fortune, because the Moon is in the masculine sign. For the month are three candidates for alcocoden: Mars, Jupiter and Sun. For variant Jupiter aspects are : conjunction Moon, opposition Mars, trinus Sun and Venus and sextile Saturn. I work with this technique for many years and it is true
      it is not easy to select the correct procedure. Reflections on Saturn is unusual.
      Is it possible to consider. Venus is burned, all right. There is Mars, which subtracts 15 years. Question are also aspects of the Moon and Sun. Jupiter can not give 79 years. He is retrograde, in the second house and is not in hays.My candidate is Mars.

      • February 17, 2012 at 9:24 am

        Hi Petr,

        Thank you for joining the conversation here. Your viewpoint is appreciated.

        I agree that within the context of the technique it would seem pretty weird to give full years to a Jupiter that is out of sect, in a dark place, not just retrograde but actually in the retrograde station too, and opposed by and ruled by an 8th house Mars.

        You illustrate well the challenge of simply even choosing the alcocoden in many cases (and then those cases where it seems very clear often give bad results that leave one wondering too). The next challenge becomes whether to use the lesser, middle, or major years. When one takes a fraction of these, as you have with 3/5 of the middle years, then that opens up an additional huge can of worms in practice. Then there is the sense that hard aspects from malefics take years and harmonious aspects from benefics add them, where we wonder if the Lights can add or subtract, and the question may even come up of accidental benefics and accidental malefics. Alex added the additional consideration that a malefic in harmonious aspect, in this case Saturn sextilte the alcocoden, can also subtract years – and made the decision in his example that the Lights cannot add – both decisions which are very open to criticism (though I do like the drive for simplicity of involving two numbers, rather than a large number with fractions, etc.). After that is settled then there is the question of how much to add or subtract – years, months, day of lesser years of the planet, or maybe some fraction of the years of the planet. One of the underlying questions behind all these steps is how one consistently evaluates strength and beneficence to make these judgment calls in a way that doesn’t change from chart to chart and is of adequate precision to make decisions so delicate as to be able to confidently conclude that the middle years of a planet should be used but should be multiplied by 3/5. It’s a pretty rich set of numbers, so I have no doubt that any astrologer with a good sense of math and a large vocab for strength and beneficence to be cherry-picked from in decision-making, can shuffle things up to always get the answer they are looking for in hindsight.

        Again, I have Saturn in the 9th, but it’s conjunct Jupiter. I’m not going to rule out the potential of the alcocoden technique, but after messing with it for a couple years in earnest, I quickly discovered that the traditional rules wouldn’t work, and trying my damnedest in earnest to get some consistent rules worked out, I failed. It’s an ongoing effort, and an important one which I’ll return to in time.

        I do think that traditional astrologers interested in early methods should expand their vocab regarding longevity techniques too, getting beyond the Zoller, Medieval, Renaissance, and even the “primary directions as THE best predictive technique” mindsets. There are many techniques in Firmicus Maternus, Valens, and others waiting to be mined. Perhaps it will be through some combination of many techniques, getting a sense of repeat indications that we will either come to conclusions about longevity or see the strength of various “karma”, or the degree of inevitability, regarding various length of life indications.

        Best wishes,


  • February 15, 2012 at 2:57 pm

    Hi Anthony,
    It is a pleasure to discuss our Art with like-minded individuals.
    I look at the directing of the terms of course. In fact I consider them more important than the other primary directions as the distributor and participator serve as time lords as you say. I noticed in my analysis that Whitney was in the terms of Saturn and was next going towards the terms of Mars, but forgot to mention it when I wrote the post. Moreover, Saturn is participator with his sinister square to the Asc.
    About primary directions, I use only zodiacal and Ptolemy key, both direct and converse I don’t usually tinker with latitude but this chart has 9 directions of the malefics to the Hilaj within 360 days. This is highly significant. She did not die in 2009-2010 because the years of the Kadukhudhah had not expired and other factors did not converge. Yes, by converse I mean promissors to significators, with the significator remaining fixed and the promissory being moved conversely. Actually, I prefer directing by terms and I have seen many deaths that can be predicted without primary directions. But I have been getting more and more convinced about the great importance of the Arc of Life (I am finishing Zoller’s Diploma course) and how the killing planet is joined to the Hilaj when death occurs. In this chart, the direction that showed the death was the direct zodiacal trine of the promissor Moon to the significator Mars, no latitude in either planet, Ptolemy key, with the date Feb 12 2012, with time of birth 8.53 pm. Morinus shows it as well as Janus (I love Morinus, I have written and asked the developers to include the Asc and Mc degree in the Whose Sign Houses square charts which I use, as well as to add the Lot of Spirit at least to the chart and other Lots if possible. They told me that it is on their to do list )
    Speaking of the whole procedure of calculating of the length of life, I warmly recommend you the book “Rectification Manual” by Regulus Astrology. He has also taken Zoller’s course so you will be at home with the terminology. In brief, this anonymous guy is incredible. His book is light years ahead of the many others on Medieval Astrology currently in the market. He has found out stuff by practical experience that is invaluable, especially in the predictive part, the timing as well as some exceptions. At least a few of the individual chapters in themselves are worth the cost of the entire book. The Arc of Life chapter is 24 pages long! I admit that without this book I would be lost as far all the intricacies in the process of the calculation of the years of the Kadukhudhah are concerned. Zoller’s course, despite by far the best, is not enough and neither are the medieval books, as the authors always held back when writing and preferred the oral tradition, as you know.
    I haven’t dug into Valens yet because he is a Universe in himself, but I have the Anthology. I want to have a really solid grasp on the Medieval stuff first, especially my favourite Arabic practitioners which I see you also like quite a lot, and in particular Abu Mashar’s system in revolutions. Long live Ben Dykes and his translations!
    Yes, the 8th from Fortune, the Deadly Place, is really spot on in this chart as well. And when you add that Venus, her Lady of the House of death, is combust and below the horizon, you get a death that is hidden, about which there is uncertainty and secretiveness.

    Best Wishes to you as well and my friendship

    • February 16, 2012 at 1:49 pm

      Hi Alex,

      OK, yes, that makes sense about the Moon and Mars. Regulus has posted some comments here, and seems to be very knowledgeable. I’ll have to check out his book at some point.

      You mentioned interest in Valens-style profections in your last comment. Sometimes Fortune, as the Lot of the Moon, is considered important in relation to the condition of the body. In terms of “handing-over”, one can take the revolution transit positions as receiving the transmission instead of the natal ones, which can make the profection of Fortune in the chart back to its natal position in Cancer interesting, as Mars is there in the return, i.e. Lot of the Moon handing over to Mars.

      Personally, I’ve yet to be convinced of any single systematic method for predicting death, especially those involving calculation of the years of the alcocoden. When I find someone able to come to the correct calculations (just even in terms of getting close in terms of years of the alcocoden) for River Phoenix, Claude Levi-Strauss, Whitney Houston, Paul LeFume, Ted Turner (still living, but to his age+), Bruce Lee, and Kurt Cobain, or a set of three of those, using the same consistent guidelines and methodology then I’ll be very excited. All of those folks are AA birth times available on Astro-databank. Death prediction is an area where I find many of the medieval methods to give the poorest and most inconsistent results, but where medieval astrologers, particularly of the Zoller variety, tend to focus a lot of energy in an unprincipled way, as if they have to feel that they have to be able to predict the time of someone’s death or pretend that they can, in order for other aspects of traditional astrology to be validated or seen as valuable above and beyond things like personality and relationships which are also dealt with in modern astrology. My honest opinion is that the method taught by Zoller for the prediction of death, particularly the years of the alcocoden, is very poor, not in a sense of working most of the time, but in a sense of not working most of the time, and when it does work having people stretch the rules to make it work and in different ways with different charts. This is not to say that I don’t feel death may be read through the charts, and in advance of the actual death. I wouldn’t take the philosophical leap to say that death is pre-ordained at birth and can be calculated from birth positions without substantially more evidence however. I have Saturn in the 9th but it’s conjunct Jupiter – it’s more a matter of me being honest about the contrast between actual accomplishment versus marketing hype, than imposing some sort of lack of faith in the power of astrology on the matter.

      Best wishes,


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  • February 14, 2012 at 8:08 pm

    Dear Anthony,
    First let me say thank you for your rare blog of Medieval and Hellenistic Astrology and for sharing so much information. I found it by looking for the Valens method of profections and subscribed immediately.
    I was going to write about this in my blog but since you have done it already, let me add some details about Whitney Houston’s death:
    As you know the nativity renews itself every 12 years, so the profections very rarely have the sole power to kill. As for the revolution, I use the place where the native is and as I do not know where Whitney was, using this chart, there are/were other years were the Lord of the Year would be in the House of death as well and so will the exalted ruler of the 8th House in the Asc of the revolution. We need more than that.
    In Whitney’s chart the Moon is Hilaj and Jupiter is the Kadukhudhah (because he has dignity in the Asc and is more closely aspecting than the Sun and Mars) Jupiter gives his major 79 years, the sextile of Saturn, retrograde from the House of serious illness deducts his minor 30 years and we get 49. Luminaries do not add or reduce years and even if we count the Venus aspect as both are applying, she is combust and in a bad House so she can’t help. So the final life projection span is 49 years. Then we need to narrow down the month and week as you have indeed done. And we are somewhat helped in this as on November 21 2011 Whitney Houston entered a Sun/Moon Firdaria lasting up to April 25 2013. She will die in this subperiod as the Moon is Hilaj and determined towards life and we have plenty of indications for death already. On top of that, the Moon herself is determined to death, as she is aspecting planets configured with the House of death.
    Starting this astrological year, her Hilaj Moon is attacked by both malefics by primary direction, as it happens when somebody is to die, and even though the aspects are by a trigonal figure, both of the malefics Mars and Saturn are determined to death by being in the House of death and ruling it by exaltation, respectively. Starting from September 4 2011 and continuing up to September 1 2012 she has a total of 9 directions of the Moon to Mars and Saturn or vice versa, that is including latitude and converse directions. If one simply uses zodiacal directions, as the ancients did, then the Moon direction to the trine of Mars by Ptolemy key gives February 12 2012, the day after she died. Please note that ss a result of this last direction, I have changed her time of birth with 2 minutes, making it 8.53 pm.

    Very kind regards,

    • February 14, 2012 at 10:00 pm

      Hi Alex,

      Thank you for the kind comments and for taking things deeper with some intelligent astrological discussion.

      I pay close attention to the bound ruler of the directed Ascendant (and Sect Light) in primary directions also (Ptolemaic key, semiarc, zodiacal). Going from the bound of one malefic to the bound of another is also a sign of a dangerous time. Her Ascendant was directing through the bound of Saturn in Taurus, heading toward that of Mars. Saturn as bound lord (jarbakhtar) of the Ascendant brings that piece in as well. I tend to stick with the old zodiacal primaries at the Ptolemaic key and to pay most attention to the next directions of the Ascendant and Sect Light (in this case the Moon), treating them as time lords of sort. Ascendant is directing to the trine of Saturn. By converse directions, are you meaning promissors to significators, or the true converse where we are basically having everything in the chart move unnaturally backwards, counter to the primary rotation of the sphere? I ask because that lunar direction to the trine of Mars would be that type of converse direction, would it not? Directions contrary to the motion of the sphere are an early modern or late classical innovation. Profections and solar returns, and their combination, together with transits and jarbakhtar may not be enough to predict death, but is adding in a half dozen different types of primary directions, and wondering if even trines from malefics to the hyleg can bring death, going to make prediction much easier Seems like all trines and sextiles with the Moon now. If using all those different types of directions (in mundo, zodiacal, latitudes, unnatural converse, etc.) why not death in 2009-2010 with the squares of Mars to the Ascendant and Sun, squares of Saturn to Moon and Ascendant, etc.

      That’s the first time I’ve seen someone subtract a whopping full major 30 years of Saturn from a Jupiter alcocoden for a sextile while Saturn is in domicile, but personally I could see some justification because the sextile from Saturn is overcoming and Saturn is obviously very malefic in when out of sect and in the 12th – I find that malefics overcoming planets by sextile and trine tend to be “dark” influences (though I’m still reluctant to say they could be “damaging” influences, as in interfering, like interfering with Jupiter being able to signify full years here). I played with the hyleg-alcocoden technique for a long time a few years ago with a large variety of charts and found myself changing the rules very often, and having a really hard time using rules consistently. That’s the difficulty with those rules, especially when getting into when to add and subtract, and how much. I remember in Zoller’s course that he even posited doing a division of years to half of whatever is indicated as a sensitive midpoint, because it wasn’t working out as planned even with the few examples he was using. There are many additional longevity techniques in the Hellenistic literature too, especially in Valens. Hopefully, you, me, and others will get a chance to play with that stuff and gain a better understanding for those also.

      One observation noted by my friend Kristina Rice that I think is very cogent is that Aquarius is the 8th from Fortune. Valens looked even more at the 8th from Fortune in death matters than the 8th itself in many cases (see for instance Book II, Ch. 41 of Anthology). The Sun at the Full Moon was also within a couple degrees of that Saturn. With fortune in Cancer the idea is of Aquarius killing Cancer, and Valens interprets it as the Moon being destroyed by Saturn, including death in water by poisoning.

      Best wishes and friendship,


  • February 14, 2012 at 10:42 am

    I love your site! My teacher, many years ago, was the great Edith Randall, on Las Feliz, in Hollywood, CA. I still have my notes…(somehere!) She said; “Know where mars, mercury, and the moon are, and you will know what to expect!!” I am still looking for fr a good book on Hindu Astrology!

  • February 13, 2012 at 8:49 pm

    Twelfth house themes and issues were the back-seat driver and ghost-writer of Whitney Houston’s script this time around, with Neptune ‘high’ in WH’s chart, conjunct Lillith, and both in Scorpio in the eight house … these go far to tell the tale. Unhappy rare songbird trapped in a gilded cage not of her own design … RIP, singular smile.

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  • February 13, 2012 at 5:33 am

    Great text, I like it, specialy age combinations as explanation of death.
    Whic programe you use for thic pictures


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